Contag is a cloud based smart store & product management system which enables companies monitor multiple things in one application. In-store sales, store stock controls, warehouse stock controls, employee productivity stats, best selling product stats, revenue history, customer interaction analyses, etc. are among information which can be collected via Contag. Contag cloud system works in line with Tagoo ceiling antennas and Tagon desktop antennas continuously and thus brand managers can have access to real-time, accurate and valuable data. Contag can be integrated to current software programs including stock management systems, sales applications and all store and warehouses can be monitored remotely from a single point, which results in decrease in work load and increase in productivity.


- Real-time stock control
- Product trial/sales ratios
- Real-time product combination analyses
- Best selling sizes & products analyses
- Sales personnel performance analyses
- Store heat map/time analyses
- Changing room heat map/time analyses
- Best selling products report
- Stock situation control between factory, warehouse & store
- Real-time product location



Tagmobile is the mobile app developed by Taglette to help store personnel work more effectively. With the help of Tagmobile, store sales personnel no longer searches a product. Specific location of the product on a 2D store map is shown in real-time so an employee can easily control the stock and identify the location of the product, and thus customers do not have to wait long for a product which in turn leads to a revenue increase for companies.


- Stock control via mobile phone and tablets
- Real-time theft alarms
- Product request notification from changing rooms
- Real-time product location on the store map
- Real-time information about products combined together



Tagpay is a unique mobile payment technology developed by Taglette which receives payment from any existing touch-screen smart phone. Tagpay’s revolutionary algorithm converts any touch-screen into a reader. With Tagpay, a single touch with smart phone’s screen is enough to pay. Tagpay is the only mobile payment technology which works with all smart phones; from oldest to the newest. No NFC, no Bluetooth, no QR Code reading needed. Tagpay does not keep customer card data so customer privacy is ensured at the highest level. We change the way you pay!


- Compatible with all touch screen smart phones
- Integration with loyalty programs
- Self - service payment
- Very fast payment
- Fast product return processes with e-archive invoice feature
- Social media integration